Join us for a 3-day immersion experience!

  • DATE: September 10-12
  • Head Instructor: Matt Roy – Headwaters Entertainment
  • Location: Hibbing Community College
  • $50 (scholarships available)

How do you get experience working on a set without having experience working on a set? This workshop SOLVES THAT PROBLEM! For 3 days, you will be immersed in the production process. The goal is to be able to have a short experience of what it is to assistant in G&E, Sound, as well as on-set PA. Students will be eligible to be considered as paid interns for incoming productions this summer and fall. Workshop participants will be able to confidently submit their resumes to be considered for these jobs!

DAY ONE – PRE PRODUCTION – “Plan your work, work your plan” We will spend the day going over the concept of our project, our plan of execution, and introductions to our instructors and their roles on this shoot.

DAY TWO – ON SET – STUDIO SHOOT – “There’s nothing like a good ol’ film light in a fogged-up studio” Our day one shoot will be spent in a studio setting, focusing on filming a subject, or multiple subjects in a controlled studio environment.

DAY THREE: INTERIOR/EXTERIOR LOCATION SHOOT – “Sometimes you remember more about the location where you shot the film than the film itself.” Our day will be spent on location, focusing on getting as much out of our interiors and exteriors as we can

POST PRODUCTION: Students will be included in the post production process after they leave the shoot and will be sent a link to the final product to reference!


This workshop will be lead by Headwaters entertainment. Our lead instructor/producer is Matt Roy.

Cost: $50 – for scholarships, please contact exec@uppermidwestfilmtv.org

CLASS SIZE IS LIMITED In order to be sure you receive as much individual, hands-on instruction, we are keeping this class small. Sign up today!

This event is presented by UMFO in partnership with Colleges of Northeast (Minnesota) Higher Education District (NHED) & Advanced MN & Headwaters Entertainment


Hair & Makeup

On-Set experience

  • Date: September 10-12
  • Head Instructor: Ora Jewell-Busche
  • Location: Hibbing Community College
  • $50 (scholarships available)

This 3-day workshop is an opportunity for up to 4 individuals to get hands-on experience in a production setting! This workshop is aimed at participants that already have hair & makeup experience (not necessarily in production) and are interested in learning how to transfer skillset into the film and TV industry.

Sept 10-12, 7 UMFO, in cooperation with Advanced MN and Headwaters Entertainment,  is offering an on-set production experience aimed at getting people the experience needed to work on incoming film/tv sets as Production Assistants.  As a part of that experience,  they will be doing both a “studio shoot” and a “location shoot” where they actually produce usable content.    

Simultaneously, we will offer up to 4 participants the opportunity to do hair and makeup on this set under Ora’s instruction.    We are offering this workshop at this time in order to get ready for the next set of features being shot fall and winter.   Workshop participants will be able to submit their resumes to be considered for paid internships on these projects.

Eligible participants must have some hair and/or makeup experience.  

Bring any kit you have for hair/makeup we will have additional supplies that you can pull from if needed.

Scholarships are available – email exec@uppermidwestfilmtv.org for more info

  • DATE: 9/15, 9/22
  • TIME: 6 PM – 8PM
  • Online classroom
  • $50 (scholarships are available by contacting exec@uppermidwestfilmtv.org)

NETWORKING /ˈnetwərkiNG/ ( noun)

1. the action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts.

Let’s face it – networking is key to any industry – but in arts & production – it’s essential! It’s the best way to find jobs, crew, investors, and co-creators. It can also be HARD! We’ve put together a series with industry experts on networking HOW TO, so you can feel confident, prepared, and excited to meet walk into any event and connect!

While we aim content directly at creators and crew, we’ve already heard comments from people outside the industry say, “Wow I’d like to take that!”

101:  Sept 15 (6-8 PM)

What is networking? What’s the end goal? What do we expect out of the process? Do’s & Don’ts. INSTRUCTOR:  Philip Gilpin Jr, Catalyst Story Institute & Festival

201:  September 22 (6-8 PM)

How-to: A deeper dive into the details of how one actually “networks”. Including tips for getting to know people, asking good questions, listening, and authentically connecting with people. INSTRUCTOR: Mary Conroy, Adjunct Professor, Boston College

301:  Sept 29-Oct 2  Catalyst Festival

Put those skills to work!  Take advantage of the opportunities, extensive talent, and access at an international festival. Workshop participants qualify for one free day pass to Catalyst festival (no cash value – cannot be transferred). 

Scholarships are available – email exec@uppermidwestfilmtv.org for details


  • Festival How To: A virtual panel 8/11
  • Management & Scouting, the Business of Locations 6/30
  • 3-Day on Set Production Workshop 6/25-27
  • Introduction to Production Sound – POSTPONED
  • Introduction to PA: Virtual 5/17
  • Set Etiquette: Hair/Makeup & Costume 5/2
  • Introduction to G&E Hibbing 4/25
  • Introduction to Camera: Duluth, 2/21
  • Introduction to Production Sound: Duluth, 2/21
  • Introduction to G&E: Duluth, 2/20
  • Introduction to PA: VIRTUAL, 2/20
  • Crew Introduction & Overview: VIRTUAL 2/18